On Infernal Pinball, you can find binary code located at the top-most portion of the track.


To find the binary code, you must reach the top of the track. The binary code itself is located about 140m upwards.


The binary (101010011110) is odd, as it is 12 characters long and it translates into gibberish. However, reversing the numbers (011110010101) and removing the last 4 numbers to get an 8-character code (011110010101) translates into "y". The Y button is the eject button.

In short, the binary code is telling you to eject to get higher. Since there are no other flippers to be used, this can be seen as an appropriate conclusion as to the binary's purpose.


I don't believe that we need to wait for RedLynx to confirm our suspicions. The binary is a signal for you to eject to get higher.

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