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Dangerous ride
It reads '1452' on the wall.


The first pane of glass must be broken while riding the first monster truck. This will open an underground level leading to the easter egg.

Note - This is where to get the Piggyback Achievement if you don't already have it.


We suspect that 1452 refers to the birthyear of Leonardo Da Vinci. If this is the case then this easter egg can be linked to several others found in the game, we refer to the 'summary of significant easter eggs' page for an indept analasys.

Also, the fire trail leading to the easter egg may or may not be reference to the fire trail the Delorian leaves in Back to the Future. This would make sense considering the room's date is older than this year's and it would also relate to the possibility of the "Y" in Workshop of Secrets meaning bailout AND the Flux Capaciter. Of course, this is all probably just a coincidince.


This section is reserved for Confirmation/comments about this investigation. Investigations will remain open until advised by Redlynx that the final solution for each secret is found.